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09.21.23CATS Receives "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Leadership" Award from US Department of Energy

"This recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy is further testament to CATS' commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation in public transit. We are proud to continue working to ensure a greener and healthier future for Baton Rouge and Baker."  -Theo Richards, Interim CEO of CATS.

09.13.23Capital Area Transit System Going the Extra Mile to Enhance Safety Training for Staff

"Our commitment to safety is unwavering, and we are dedicated to providing our staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their roles while ensuring the well-being of our passengers while we connect them to what matters." Theo Richards, Interim CEO of CATS.

08.23.23CATS says EBR students can ride city buses for free

08.22.23Capital Area Transit System Announces 30-Day Fare Waiver Program to Support Baton Rouge Students During Transportation Emergency

"In times of crisis, it is our duty to step up and support our community. Our 30-Day Fare Waiver Program underscores CATS' dedication to the students and parents we serve. By ensuring that transportation challenges do not hinder education access, we are reinforcing our commitment to going the Extra Mile for the people of Baton Rouge." -Interim CEO Dwana Williams

07.18.23CATS Set To Upgrade Bus Tracking Application

“We are thrilled to bring this software to CATS and to the people we serve. It’s well overdue and is essential to becoming a top transit system" -Interim CEO Dwana Williams.

06.15.23Plank-Nicholson bus rapid transit line faces minor delays. Here's the latest timeline.

06.10.23'So successful': CATS on-demand transit service in Baker exceeding expectations in first year

06.07.23LYNX by CATS could expand, after 1 year of success

04.05.23CATS will make Baton Rouge bus stops safer for people in wheelchairs

02.20.23Council appoints new CATS commissioners

02.13.23CATS Shares Fare Capping Knowledge with Milwaukee Transit

01.23.23Baton Rouge hopes Amazon will revitalize Florida Boulevard. What will that look like?