CATS Strategic Plan


The Capital Area Transit System’s work to connect the citizens of Baton Rouge with what matters is governed by a Five-Year Plan that was updated in March 2021.

Over the past decade, CATS has invested heavily in system improvements, replacing its fleet of buses, and making significant advancements in modernizing operations to provide safe and efficient transit for Baton Rouge area residents.

The strategic plan will lay out a comprehensive strategy for building on these successes and momentum; it will also identify opportunities for enhancing the current system by expanding transit options such as bus rapid transit and microtransit, while continuing to align its strategic initiatives with the needs of customers. The planning process will be overseen by CATS Director of Planning, Scheduling and Program Development, Cheri Soileau, who joined the agency in August 2020 bringing over twenty years of transit experience from her former roles at Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning and Development Commission.

The strategic plan will also identify a core set of priorities that position the agency to emerge from the pandemic in a way that builds on the successful system modifications implemented to provide services amid this new reality, such as modifying services, implementing rigorous safety practices, and maintaining routes that provide access to critical jobs and lifesaving services.


View CATS Five Year Strategic Plan:

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Organizational Goals include:


Mobility and Ridership

Goal #1: Improve service reliability

Goal #2: Optimize investments in service and continue to monitor existing and emerging markets

Goal #3: Enhance customer satisfaction

Goal #4: Expand transit services across the region 


Management and Financial Sustainability

Goal #5: Continue to improve planning and management of budgetary resources and expenditures

Goal #6: Increase funding streams and revenue diversity to ensure long-term financial stability

Goal #7: Advance employee hiring and performance evaluation processes to support an effective and stable workforce

Goal #8: Further advance staff development and engagement


Capital Investment

Goal #9: Establish the Five-Year Capital Improvements and Investments Plan (CIIP) as a vehicle to achieve goals outlined in the Strategic Plan


Community Stewarship

Goal #10: Enhance community's perception of CATS

Goal #11: Encourage environmental responsibility