CATS Strategic Plan

The Capital Area Transit System’s work to connect the citizens of Baton Rouge with what matters is governed by a Five-Year Plan that it began implementing in late 2017.

Following a months-long internal planning process with staff and board members, the CATS Board of Commissioners in December 2017 approved the agency’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, the first of its kind in the agency’s recent history.

The Five Year Strategic Plan outlines tangible steps the agency must take to meet its goals of continuing to improve service to the Baton Rouge community.

Organizational Goals include:


Safety, Service Quality and Reliability

Goal #1: Increase On Time Performance (OTP) from 70% to 80% by December 31, 2019 and to peer agency standard by December 31, 2022

Goal #2: Decrease travel times for major origin/destination points to 50 minutes in order to grow ridership base by December 31, 2018

Goal #3: Establish baseline metric for measuring customer satisfaction to strengthen ridership base by March 31, 2018

Goal #4: Decrease number of preventable accidents by 50% by December 31, 2018

Goal #5: Obtain and Maintain industry standard fleet age of vehicles through 2022


Financial Responsibility, Accountability and Stewardship

Goal #6: Increase farebox recovery ratio to peer agency standard by December 31, 2022

Goal #7: Increase the amount of supplemental/alternative funding sources by a total of $10 million by December 31, 2022

Goal #8: Improve planning and management of budgetary resources and expenditures to advance strategic goals of CATS


Outreach, Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Goal #9: Strengthen community pride for CATS through increased face-to-face stakeholder interaction

Goal #10: Regionalize service to one eligible neighboring town/parish by December 31, 2022

Workforce Stability, Engagement and Performance

Goal #11: Hire key positions so that vacancies do not exceed 10% of allocated headcount by December 31, 2018

Goal #12: Develop a performance management process for the organization by October 31, 2019

Goal #13: Create an environment that fosters and promotes workplace safety, operational performance and employee morale by December 31, 2018


Strategic Capital Improvements and Investments

Goal #14: By August 1, 2017, prioritize the chief needs and identify preliminary funding sources for the components of the Capital Improvements and Investments Plan (ie., rolling stock, hubs/shelters/modified BRT, facilities, and technology)

Goal #15: By March 31, 2018, begin roll-out of the Capital Improvements and Investments Plan


Click here to download the Executive Summary.

Click here to download the CATS Five Year Strategic Plan.

Click here to download the Capital Improvements and Investments Plan.


Next Steps Include

  • Ongoing: CATS will begin to implement the plan and offer regular updates to its board on the status of key goals and initiatives
  • Spring 2018: CATS Board of Commissioners will receive and take action on the CATS Capital Improvements Plan