Bikes on Board


All CATS buses are equipped with front-mounted racks capable of carrying two bicycles at a time. Any rider may place their bicycle on this rack before boarding the bus; however, CATS is not responsible for damaged or stolen bicycles. Rack space is available on a first come, first serve basis. 

There is no additional cost for utilizing the bike rack on any CATS bus. 

Loading Instructions

  1. Remove any loose items from your bike prior the bus’s arrival
  2. When the bus has come to a complete stop, go to the front of the bus where the bike rack is located
  3. Unfold the bike rack by pulling up on the handle.  Be aware that the bike rack folds out, forward and away from the bus
  4. Lift up your bike and place it into the slot front wheel first.  If both slots are empty, use the slot closest to the bus first
  5. Pull out the support arm near the front tire of your bike and bring it over the front tire
  6. Make sure it is positioned on the very top of the front tire of your bike 
  7. Make sure your bike is secure on the rack
  8. Do not lock your bike to the rack
  9. Enter the bus for your journey, but please keep a lookout for other customers who may use the bike rack as you may have to get out of the bus to remove your bike so they can retrieve their bike if they get off before you. 
  10. When you’ve arrived at your destination, upon the bus making a complete stop, tell the bus driver to give you a moment to remove your bike from the rack.  Exit the bus as you normally would.
  11. Unhook the support arm from your bike’s front tire, fold it down, and remove your bike.
  12. If there are no other bikes on the rack, fold the bike rack up to the front of the bus by pulling up on the handle and fold the rack up and toward the front of the bus.
  13. For yours and the public’s safety, go to the curb or sidewalk with your bike and wait for the bus to drive away before crossing the street.


If you forget your bike on the bus, call CATS customer service at (225) 389-8282 to report it lost. Please provide the bus number and/or route/ location to the CATS customer service representative.

Bikes are held at the 2250 Florida Blvd. location for 30 days.  After 30 days, lost bikes will be donated.