Rider Alerts

Service ends at 7pm this weekend

Date Issued: 09.04.21

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

Service will end at 7pm on Saturday and Sunday for all routes and pars transit.

Service ends at 7pm on Thursday, 9/2

Date Issued: 09.02.21

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

CATS to suspend service at 7:00 p.m. CATS will end service today at 7:00 p.m. due to ongoing outages and in an abundance of caution. This will be the case for both regular fixed route service and for CATS On Demand paratransit. Service will resume at its regular time on Friday. Service decisions will be made on a daily basis until power is restored and debris is removed.

CATS back in service, phone lines down

Date Issued: 09.01.21

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

CATS is back in service until 7pm. Phone lines are currently down and will be out of service until power is restored.

CATS On Demand service to resume on Wednesday at 7am

Date Issued: 08.31.21


CATS On Demand paratransit service will resume on Wednesday at 7am and run until 7pm in accordance with the established curfew.

CATS to resume bus service at 7am on Wednesday, 9/1

Date Issued: 08.31.21

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

Bus service will resume Wednesday, September 1st at 7am and run until 7pm in accordance with the established curfew. Schedules will be altered as necessary for roadway access.

CATS and CATS On Demand service suspended Tuesday, August 31

Date Issued: 08.30.21


CATS service is suspended through Tuesday due to the ongoing conditions from Ida.

CATS On Demand paratransit service suspended Sunday and Monday

Date Issued: 08.28.21


CATS On Demand paratransit service will be suspended Sunday, August 29th and Monday, August 30th due to Hurricane Ida.

CATS to suspend service Sunday and Monday due to Ida

Date Issued: 08.28.21

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

CATS to suspend service Sunday and Monday due to Ida Baton Rouge_ Due to the threat of inclement weather from impending storm Ida, CATS will suspend service effective Sunday, August 29 though Monday, August 30. CATS plans to resume service on Tuesday, August 31, road and weather conditions permitting. Agency officials are coordinating with Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and will continue to do so over the course of the coming days. Visit Red Stick Ready for storm information. Visit brcats.com and Facebook for CATS service information

Phone lines down

Date Issued: 07.10.21

CATS phone lines are down. IT is working to resolve the issue.

CATS has resumed bus service

Date Issued: 02.17.21

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

CATS has resumed service with the exception of the following routes: • Route 18 – Cortana/Tigerland • Route 46 – Cortana/Gardere/L’Auberge • Route 47 – Highland Road/LSU • Route 54 – Airline Highway North/Southern University There are still road closures and there will be delays in service. Service will be adjusted according to road and weather conditions.

CATS to resume service at noon on Wednesday, 2/17

Date Issued: 02.16.21

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

Service suspended until 2/16/2021

Date Issued: 02.14.21

Lines Affected: ALL

CATS is suspending service at 6:30pm on Sunday, February 14th until at least the morning of Tuesday, February 16th.

Route 11 Detour in effect until 6pm

Date Issued: 10.21.20

Lines Affected: 11

Route 11 - Northside Circulator outbound will have a detour today until 6 pm. Stops canceled include: 1210 72nd at Pembroke St E 1163 72nd at Goode W 1209 72nd at Goode E 1164 72nd at Somerset W 1208 72nd at Somerset E 1165 72nd at Scenic W 1207 72nd at Scenic E

CATS customers are required to wear face masks on all CATS vehicles

Date Issued: 07.07.20

Lines Affected: ALL ROUTES

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY In compliance with Executive Order No. SWB 2020-07-01, All riders must have a mask or some form of face-covering over their nose and mouth in order to ride CATS vehicles. Customers without face-coverings are subject to denial of boarding, removal, and/or exclusion from the transit system DOWNLOAD PDF

CATS to waive fares temporarily during COVID-19

Date Issued: 03.19.20

Lines Affected: ALL LINES

Baton Rouge, LA_ As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) will waive fares for all customers effective immediately and until further notice. Additionally, all customers must enter and exit from the rear (side) door of the vehicle. This measure is to ensure the safety of CATS operators and customers while the threat of COVID-19 remains present. More information can be found on the CATS website at www.brcats.com or by calling the Customer Care Center at 225.389.8282.


Date Issued: 03.17.20

Lines Affected: 46

Effective Immediately, Route 46 - Gardere will NOT service L'Auberge Casino

Rider Alert - Route 12 Government Street

Date Issued: 12.12.18

Lines Affected: 12

Due to Government Street road construction, operators will accommodate customers at the following locations: Foster @ Convention Foster @ North Blvd S North Blvd ALL bus stops between 22nd and Acadian North Blvd West @ power station North Blvd West @ N Leo St North Blvd West @ Live Oak Blvd North Blvd West @ N Beck North Blvd West @ Peachtree (traffic light by old Baton Rouge General) North Blvd East @ Peachtree North Blvd East @ Richland Ave North Blvd East @ S Leo St North Blvd East @ Atlas Optical North Blvd East @ S Beck Customers are encouraged to call Customer Service for the most up to date listing of canceled stops. CATS will begin servicing "out of service" stops once DOTD has provided the "all clear" to CATS.

Effective Immediately - Fare Transfers

Date Issued: 07.31.18

Lines Affected: ALL LINES

Riders have a two (2) hour window to use a bus transfer one (1) time.Transfers that are marked as EXPIRED will not be accepted. Once transfers are expired, full-price fare must be paid. Transfers will not be issued to passengers boarding with passes.