Rider Alerts

Rider Alert - Route 12 Government Street

Date Issued: 12.12.18

Lines Affected: 12

Due to Government Street road construction, operators will accommodate customers at the following locations: Foster @ Convention Foster @ North Blvd S North Blvd ALL bus stops between 22nd and Acadian North Blvd West @ power station North Blvd West @ N Leo St North Blvd West @ Live Oak Blvd North Blvd West @ N Beck North Blvd West @ Peachtree (traffic light by old Baton Rouge General) North Blvd East @ Peachtree North Blvd East @ Richland Ave North Blvd East @ S Leo St North Blvd East @ Atlas Optical North Blvd East @ S Beck Customers are encouraged to call Customer Service for the most up to date listing of canceled stops. CATS will begin servicing "out of service" stops once DOTD has provided the "all clear" to CATS.

Effective Immediately - Fare Transfers

Date Issued: 07.31.18

Lines Affected: ALL LINES

Riders have a two (2) hour window to use a bus transfer one (1) time.Transfers that are marked as EXPIRED will not be accepted. Once transfers are expired, full-price fare must be paid. Transfers will not be issued to passengers boarding with passes.