Rider Alerts

Rider Alert - Route 12 Government Street

Date Issued: 12.12.18

Lines Affected: 12

Due to Government Street road construction, operators will accommodate customers at the following locations: Foster @ Convention Foster @ North Blvd S North Blvd ALL bus stops between 22nd and Acadian North Blvd West @ power station North Blvd West @ N Leo St North Blvd West @ Live Oak Blvd North Blvd West @ N Beck North Blvd West @ Peachtree (traffic light by old Baton Rouge General) North Blvd East @ Peachtree North Blvd East @ Richland Ave North Blvd East @ S Leo St North Blvd East @ Atlas Optical North Blvd East @ S Beck Customers are encouraged to call Customer Service for the most up to date listing of canceled stops. CATS will begin servicing "out of service" stops once DOTD has provided the "all clear" to CATS.

Rider Alert - Route 16

Date Issued: 02.26.19

Lines Affected: 16

EFFECTIVE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Due to road construction, the following route will have canceled stops until further notice Route 16 – Capitol Park Trolley Canceled stops include: Lafayette St @ Hilton Hotel and Hotel Indigo (2688) Lafayette St @ North Blvd S (3002) Town Square (2999) DOWNLOAD PDF

Rider Alert - Route 44 effective until further notice

Date Issued: 02.25.19

Lines Affected: 44

EFFECTIVE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Due to road construction, the following route will have canceled stops until further notice Route 44 – Florida Blvd Canceled stops include: Lafayette St @ Hilton Hotel and Hotel Indigo (2688) Lafayette St @ North Blvd S (3002) Florida @ Lafayette St S (3003) Customers are to be accommodated Laurel @ 4th Street

OCHSNER Facility

Date Issued: 01.15.19

Lines Affected: 60

CATS will begin serving the new Ochsner medical facility on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. The facility will be served by the Medical Circulator Route 60. The route will operate regular service hours, 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., seven days a week. It will serve Woman's Hospital, Ochsner Medical Complex at High Grove, the Mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge General Medical Center, and Our Lady of the Lake.

Southern Univ. Construction

Date Issued: 11.01.18

Lines Affected: 10, 54, 11

EFFECTIVE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Due to new construction on the Southern Campus the following routes have canceled stops: Route 10 – Scenic Highway Route 54 – Airline Highway Route 11 – Northside Circulator Canceled stops include: 1210, 1097, 1098, 1247, 1246

RIDER ALERT: 47 Highland Road & 14 Thomas Delpit

Date Issued: 10.14.18

Lines Affected: 47, 14

EFFECTIVE MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2018 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Lines affected: 47- Highland Road Cancelled Stops Include 1353, 1354, 1355, 1356, 1358, 1359, 1264, 1259, 1260, 1265, 1266, 1267, 1268, 1351, 1352

Service Improvement Plan Proposed Changes

Date Issued: 08.13.18

The Service Improvement Plan (SIP) is a service expansion plan that builds on the exisitng bus network and identifies opportunities to add new routes, improve frequency and expand on existing service. This vision is a priority of CATS to continue to connect its customers to what matters and reallocate resources when and where necessary throughout the system.

Rider Alert: 55 East Florida

Date Issued: 08.15.18

Lines Affected: 55

Rider Alert: Effective Immediately, through the end of the School year Route 55 - East Florida will have the following canceled stops: Due to a "no left turn" during school zone hours (6am - 9:30am and 1:30pm - 4:30pm) Route 55 - East Florida stops N. Mike @ Bellmont Victoria S 2359 N. Mike @ Bellaire High/Tams S 2360 Tams @ Christy E 2361 Are canceled. Questions regarding these stops can be directed to Customer Service 225-289-8282

Effective Immediately - Fare Transfers

Date Issued: 07.31.18

Lines Affected: ALL LINES

Riders have a two (2) hour window to use a bus transfer one (1) time.Transfers that are marked as EXPIRED will not be accepted. Once transfers are expired, full-price fare must be paid. Transfers will not be issued to passengers boarding with passes.

Rider Alert: 22 Winbourne

Date Issued: 05.28.18

Lines Affected: 22

The following stops are out of service due to construction Chippewa @ Chippewa River View Condos S 1791 River Rd @ Riverview Condos N 1802 Chippewa @ Eiland S 1790 Chippewa @ Choctaw N 1803 Chippewa @ DPW Lot S 1788 Chippewa @ Gonzalez E 1804 Chippewa @ Lupine E 1805 Chippewa @ Lupine W 1787 Chippewa @ Sorrel E 1806 Chippewa @ Sorrel W 1786 Chippewa @ Phlox E 1807 Chippewa @ Phlox W 1785

Rider Alert: Two Essen Lane Bus Stops Out of Service

Date Issued: 05.25.18

Due to repairs on Essen Lane located at Bus Stop ID N-2392 (Essen Ln @ OLOL Emergency) and N-2616 (Essen Ln @ Essen Park Ave) an OUT OF SERVICE COVER is installed and effective May 24, 2018 until construction is completed. Customers should take the 60 route at the mall and ride around to Essen Park Ave and get off by Race Trac so they can be on that side or stay on the 60 line and get off on Essen Ln on the other side on Essen @ OLOL stop S-2414.

Rider Alert: Line 70 Hub Relocation

Lines Affected: 70

Cancelled Stop Includes: Baker Boulevard @ Alabama Street E (2214)

Route Change at Ochsner Medical Complex

Lines Affected: 58, 59

Effective immediately permanent route change at the Ochsner Medical Complex. Two stops are permanently cancelled: Physicians Park @ Walgreens E #2599 Ochsner Physicians Plaza #2705


Date Issued: 03.22.17

Lines Affected: 10, 11, 54, and 70

Effective immediately and until further notice all service beginning at 6:00 pm daily to Southern University's campus will be restricted. All lines will be allowed to enter campus and complete the attached reroute. PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED REROUTE for specific details or contact Customer Care at (225) 389-8282 for more information. DOWNLOAD PDF