CATS Applauds Mayor’s Decision to Bring Bus Rapid Transit to Nicholson Corridor

February 27, 2018

BATON ROUGE, La. – The Capital Area Transit System on Tuesday applauded Mayor Broome’s decision to use a cost-effective Bus Rapid Transit project as a replacement to TramLink plan. CATS will immediately begin planning for the new project to determine exact costs, funding sources, routes, schedules and timeframes.

Bus Rapid Transit projects are fixed routes that provide express dedicated service, with enhanced stops and stations. CATS has two other BRT projects in the planning and procurement phase, on Plank Road and Florida Boulevard. The Plank Road BRT has been a priority for the agency because of the Mayor’s commitment to economic development in North Baton Rouge.

BRT may be funded through various sources, including the agency’s property tax and Federal Transit Administration grants. CATS will work with its partners at the Mayor’s office and with other stakeholders to seek grant and other funding for the project.

“CATS is happy to look at ways to enhance mobility in the capital city and connect people to what matters to them. We look forward to the opportunity to determine the best way to make this happen along the Nicholson Corridor,” said CATS CEO Bill Deville.

“I think this is a wonderful opportunity to provide a cost-effective way to connect people in Baton Rouge. The CATS staff is looking into the feasibility of making this a reality and how long it would take to implement. This is a realistic and practical approach to providing a mass transit solution connectivity in the area,” added CATS Board President Jim Brandt.

CATS staff will aim to present a more complete plan for the BRT project to its board in around three months.


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