CATS Announces “The CATS Dash” Monthly Dashboard Feature

October 10, 2022

The Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is proud to announce the launch of their new monthly dashboard feature, The CATS Dash, on their website. The CATS Dash will go live on October 18, 2022, in conjunction with the monthly CATS Board of Commissioners Meeting. 

“The CATS Dash was created to improve transparency and accountability, and to help foster trust with the public and local officials with regards to CATS’ services,” said Interim CEO Dwana Williams. “We are excited for this opportunity to further demonstrate our commitment to serving the people of Baton Rouge and Baker.”

The CATS Dash will be available for viewing via the CATS website at The CATS Dash will be updated on a monthly basis in conjunction with CATS Board of Commissioner’s Meetings, and will reflect the information provided to the Board of Commissioners. 

Performance Measures included on The CATS Dash

Monthly CATS Ridership measures the total number of rides provided across the entire CATS system during the month, including fixed route service, CATS On Demand paratransit service, and the LYNX microtransit service. This figure demonstrates the necessity of CATS’ services to the people of Baton Rouge and Baker.

Monthly On Time Performance is measured via Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) software on each of CATS’ fixed route buses. This figure is shared as a means of accountability and transparency. It is also an important internal measure of where we can improve as an agency.  Each and every day, Team CATS is working to increase our on time performance to provide the people of Baton Rouge and Baker with safe and reliable service.

Monthly LYNX Microtransit Ridership is the total number of rides provided by the microtransit pilot program in Baker, Louisiana. This pilot program is the first of its kind in Louisiana, making this figure an important measure of the feasibility and cost effectiveness of future microtransit service in CATS’ service areas.  

Average Age of CATS Fleet demonstrates the innovation and investment represented by CATS’ fleet of fixed route buses. As we continue to upgrade our fleet, and move towards our goal of 50/50 clean diesel and electric buses, this figure will reflect the progress we make towards those goals. It is also an important safety marker, as the Federal Transit Administration designates the “useful life” of a transit bus at 12 years.

“CATS will continue to work with employees, riders, members of the public, local elected officials, and other stakeholders to determine whether additional performance measures should be added to the CATS Dash going forward,” said Communication Director Deanna Wallace.  “In the meantime, we hope this added transparency will help foster a sense of trust between CATS and the community as a whole.”

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