CATS to Host CATS x UMO Contactless Pay Launch Event

August 10, 2022

The Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is excited to announce a CATS x UMO Launch Day Celebration will take place on August 15, 2022, to officially launch our new contactless pay platform. CATS has partnered with UMO to bring riders two contactless pay options:  new reloadable CATS x UMO pass cards, or a smartphone app.  The CATS x UMO Launch Day Celebration will take place starting at 10:00 am, at the CATS Terminal (2222 Florida Blvd).

“We are so excited to celebrate the launch of CATS x UMO with the people of Baton Rouge and Baker,” said CATS Interim CEO Dwana Williams. “CATS x UMO will allow our riders easier access to passes and fares, speed up the boarding process, and eliminate the need for having cash and coins on hand in order to ride.”

Download the CATS x UMO Launch Day Celebration flyer here.

More information on CATS x UMO:

CATS riders can download the Umo app by searching for "Umo Mobility" in the iOS or Android app store. Riders can then set up their account, purchase passes, or add a balance to their account using a credit or debit card. The UMO app also has functions to help riders track their bus and plan trips.

Riders who would prefer a reloadable pass card can receive their CATS x UMO pass cards at the CATS Terminal. Riders can then load their pass cards and buy passes online at, or they can visit participating local vendors to load their pass cards in person.

Using CATS x UMO is simple- Say Hello, Tap, and Go! Once the CATS x UMO card or app has been loaded with a fare or pass, riders will simply scan their Umo Mobile App or tap their CATS x UMO pass card on the Umo reader in the bus as they board.

CATS riders who have already qualified for a reduced fare will be able to receive a special CATS x UMO pass card. These riders can contact CATS OnDemand office at or 225-346-5557, to set up their CATS x UMO discount pass account.

CATS will continue to accept cash fares on all buses. Paper passes will be phased out over time as we work to transition our loyal riders to CATS x UMO accounts.

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