My Stop Is Being Eliminated

Eliminated Stops by Route

What does this mean?

A few things actually;

Beginning Sunday February 24, 2019 the CATS bus will no longer stop at this bus stop location

You will need to locate the closest bus stop to this one in order to continue to ride this route (Don’t worry; most stops are not that far from your current stop. If you cannot visually identify the next closest bus stop, find your route from the list below to identify your new bus stop location.)

I need more information regarding these changes, where can I get it?

If you are able, we will be hosting 4 Information Sessions the week of February 12– 15, 2019. Any additional questions or information you might need can be answered or picked up here. Here is a list of the locations and times:

February 12 – BREC Commission Room 10:30am

February 13 – Delmont Gardens 5:30pm

February 14 - Bluebonnet Library 5:30pm

February 15 – Baker Library 10:00am

Information is also available in Spanish and Vietnamese and can be picked up at our bus terminal.

Why are these changes being made?

Eliminating stops with low ridership allows us to increase route efficiency and on time performance. Fewer stops = faster service.  The majority of the stops we are eliminating had zero (0) riders board or disembark at that particular bus stop during our data collecting period.

How many riders are having their stops eliminated?

Less than 10% of our riders are having their current stop eliminated


Where can I get a full list of all of the eliminated stops?

A full list of eliminated stops can be viewed here

If you do not have internet access, you can pick up a copy of all eliminated stops from the CATS Bus Terminal or call 225.389.8282 and a Customer Care Representative can let you know where in your area you can pick up this information (ex: local library, community centers etc)

Where is my new stop?

New stops can be found here . Don't see your stop? Let us know!

Are you decreasing service with this new plan?

No, actually, we are increasing service by approximately 12.5% on weekdays and 10.7% annually. With this plan, we are able to reallocate resources to new service areas.