Advertising Opportunities

Why Advertise?

Whether you are a Fortune 500 or a start-up, advertising with CATS is a great investment in your brand and services. Transit advertising generates repeated exposure seven days a week. The CATS bus system provides access to customers that is impactful and concentrated. Our buses travel many of the busiest streets and highways in the Greater Baton Rouge Region.

CATS offers opportunities for advertising in or on CATS vehicles and on bus shelters.

Contact Information

For inquiries about advertising, please contact Theo Richards at 225.346.3237 or complete the following form.

Common Dimensions

  • Full Bus Wraps
  • King Size Posters – 30” tall by 144” wide (street/driver side only)
  • Queen Size Posters – 30” tall by 108” wide (boarding/pass side only)
  • Tail Light Posters – 21” tall by 72” wide
  • Interior Bus Ads – 11” tall by 30” wide
  • Bus Shelters – 68.5” tall by 48” wide