North Baton Rouge Improvement Projects

North Baton Rouge is home to many CATS riders and operators and is critical to the future of CATS and of Baton Rouge. CATS is committed to improving its service in North Baton Rouge and, working alongside its partners in the Mayor’s Office and elsewhere, has identified a number of long-term and short-term projects in the area.

Enhanced North Baton Rouge projects will improve how CATS connects riders with the things that matter to them both in their community and beyond, including work, shopping, health care and worship, among other things.

Below is a listing of CATS projects in North Baton Rouge. This page will be updated periodically with new projects, work status and schematic images.

Follow along as we work to connect North Baton Rouge with what matters.


SHORT-TERM: Enhancements to Interim North Baton Rouge Bus Hub

Description: CATS will complete up to $175,000 in interim improvements to hubs located at Cortana Mall and the former Earl K. Long site, including improvements in seating, lighting, signage and paving. At Cortana, the location will be tweaked slightly so riders will be picked up and dropped off on the same side of the street, meaning they will no longer have to cross several lanes of traffic to change buses.

Current Status: The CATS board approved the enhancements at its September meeting.

Projected Launch: Cortana Mall – December 2017

                               Former Earl K. Long – April 2018

SHORT-TERM: Bus Rapid Transit

Description: CATS has prioritized its Bus Rapid Transit service on Plank Road. This service will offer an express route, with fewer stops, along Plank Road to help people reach their destinations more efficiently. The route will feature enhanced bus stops and shelters, including landscaping. The BRT line will use new electric buses and will have unique branding.

Current Status: CATS is planning for the timeline and route of this line, in addition to procuring buses and other hardscape materials for the BRT line. As part of the planning, CATS is developing a public input process and will be scheduling meetings for riders, businesses and others in the area.

Projected Launch: Mid 2018

LONG-TERM: New North Baton Rouge Hub

Description: CATS is purchasing land adjacent to the LSU Urgent Care clinic in North Baton Rouge, which will eventually become an emergency room. This site will allow CATS to construct an enhanced hub for North Baton Rouge, improving how people connect to the bus system and also to health care services. The enhanced hub will also include an area for commercial development – perhaps a pharmacy or a small dining establishment.

Current Status: CATS is working on environmental reviews and other federal requirements and finalizing the purchase of the property with LSU. The sale price has been set and agreed to by both parties.

Projected Launch: 2 to 3 years