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Thu, 12/08/2016 - 11:19

Starting Sunday, CATS Removes Downtown Hub, Stops Service on Red Stick Trolley

Changes effective December 11

BATON ROUGE, La. - The Capital Area Transit System will enact two long-discussed changes this weekened when it removes its Downtown Hub and formally ceases service on the Red Stick Trolley.

Earlier in the year, the CATS Board of Commissioners voted to remove the Red Stick Trolley, Route 15, following low ridership.  The board held a public hearing and received no dissent  and also conducted a service equity analysis that showed the change would not have a negative impact on the neighborhood, which has transit service through other CATS routes.  The Metro Council voted to remove the route in October.

"For efficiency's sake, we decided to combine the removal of Route 15 with the removal of the Downtown Hub, following some concerns about CATS buses being located near the Old State Capitol," said CATS CEO Bill Deville.  "While this will alter some downtown routes in a minor way, it will not change the frequency of most service.  In fact, on one route, we expect to see an improvement in the frequency of service."

Complete route change information will be available online at and will be placed on the buses on affected routes.  In addition, riders with questions can contact the CATS Customer Care Center at (225) 389-8282.

"In addition to these changes, CATS continues to review its ridership and routes to find the most efficient way to serve the people of Baton Rouge.  We expect to enact additional route changes next year to improve the frequency of popular bus routes and remove less popular lines," Deville said.

CATS set up a temporary hub near the Old State Capitol and Town Square on North Boulevard.  Following the removal of this hub, some routes will pass through the CATS Terminal on Florida Boulevard and North 22nd Street.  Others using the old Downtown Hub will simply have their starting and ending points altered.

Please see below for the full Press Release as well as specifics relating to the route changes caused by the Downtown Hub move.  Unless noted, frequency of the routes will not change.

Service Adjustments December 11, 2016 

Press Release December 2016 Service Adjustments