Planning Projects

Plank and Florida BRT Projects

The design and engineering phase is underway for Plank and Florida station designs.

Consultants have reviewed Plank and Florida BRT station locations to identify pedestrian safety issues, right-of-way limitations, utility impediments, etc.

Engineering surveying, 3D scanning, and photography is compete and right-of-way mapping and limits of construction data have been obtained.

Plank-Nicholson BRT Project

Plank-Nicholson Bus Rapid Transit Open House Presentation

CATS recently participated in a series of stakeholder workshops conducted by HNTB in conjunction with the City-Parish and the EBR Redevelopment Authority. The stakeholder meetings included briefings to elected officials, downtown stakeholders, and a presentation to Plank Road stakeholders and interested parties. The objective of the briefings was to outline the scope and intent of the redefinition study, obtain and address stakeholder concerns, map out proposed funding structure as well as plans for advancing the project.

CATS management met recently with Baton Rouge Airport officials to discuss their forthcoming plans regarding its plans to expand an area of the runway in compliance with federal aviation regulations. This would require that Plank Road be re-routed; this construction starts in 2019, and is slated to take about 12 to 18 months. Plank Road will not be closed and re-routed during construction but only after construction is completed. There will be another meeting in January to discuss potential options for transit service possibilities for the airport and CATS.